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Evaluating Alternative Therapies

Some Thoughts on Alternative Therapies

  • Some of my ideas on evaluating therapies and avoiding traps.
  • Separating the Wheat from the Chaff (will open in new window!)
    Thoughts on Filtering Worthwile Alternative Therapies from Nonsense.

Information on Specific Therapies

These are in three groups. First, I list things that I consider promising - I put these first because I am first and foremost interested in what might actually help cancer patients. Second, I list therapies I happen to have come across which are little known where the information here might be relatively unique. Third, I list some popular therapies I happen to have looked into. I make no attempt to be comprehensive in this area.

Promising Therapies Please understand that my opinion that something is "promising" only means I think it might have some efficacy. It absolutely doesn't mean I think it's a guaranteed miracle cure and, in fact, I know of no alternative therapy that has a proven high rate of success. I strongly believe that it is a potentially lethal error to substitute alternative therapy for other treatment in any case where effective proven therapy is known.

Note: Will Need to Make Medline Searches into Pages

This early immunotherapy was called quackery for years, but in fact it was pioneering work.

Lesser Known Therapies

Popular Therapies

Other Articles on Alternative and Complementary Therapies

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 The treatments and therapies below are presented for general information only and not considered medical advice. Nor are they recommendations for or against any other treatments or therapies. They are simply the most commonly used worldwide and are offered here as a free public service. Some of these therapies go back to the 1920s and remain ignored by mainstream medicine in favor of drugs, surgery and radiation. Others are newer.

 Be prepared for much negativity from conventional cancer treatment centers and conventional doctors (MD oncologists) about the value of alternative therapies. Keep in mind that although MDs have your best interests at heart, successful natural, low-cost, non-toxic, cancer therapies are unknown to them and represent serious competition to everything they stand for. This is human nature at work - the way of the world.

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